Nuru Massage NYC

A nuru massage NYC is the latest trend when it comes to massages.┬áIn today’s high speed world, there is barely time to recuperate before the next item on the to-do list has to be tackled. It is important to frequently take time out and get rejuvenated before fatigue takes over and becomes physical signs of illness. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a massage.

How the nuru massage NYC is done?

Alternatively called the Body Slide, this message is done using a special gel, the Nuru Gel. Nuru is a Japanese word that means slippery. It is also related to a type of seaweed called nori that the gel is made of. The gel is clear and it has no taste or odor and it is as smooth as it is slippery. When applied, nuru gel feels very cool and comforting.
It is interesting how the massage is done. It is first applied all over the body before the masseuse slides their entire body over the client to perform the massage instead of using her hands. This has sparked controversy about the nuru massage NYC. It is popular with some though. The nuru massage NYC is for instance being given as a gift or being featured in stag parties. There are also couples’ massages which would be a nice treat to your significant other.
For those who have no qualms about getting massaged this way, these services are offered at spas and massage parlors. There are also mobile masseuses who come to your home with everything that will be needed included a massage table, the nuru gel of course and some will even come with special incense and soothing music.
There is the option of booking for either a 60 minute or 90 minute massage. You may also chose to combine this massage with another to start off or finish. You can have it with a hot stone massage or a deep tissue massage to get rid of knots and kinks or you can also have a customized one that best meets your needs.

Nuru massage NYC mobile service

Mobile massaging has become increasingly popular in New York City and with good reason. This city is a mixed pot, bringing people from all walks of life that have come to take a bite out of the Big Apple, the entertainment capital of the world. For such people, it is more convenient for them to have the service come to enjoy and for busy locals, it is simply a better arrangement for them to be able to relax at home and wait for the masseuse to come to them.
Mobile massage services are mostly priced based on time rather than the type of massage except perhaps in the case of specialized massages like pre-natal ones.

Certified nuru massage NYC

All professional massage therapists are nationally certified by the State. Be sure you hire professionals who follow the legal and ethical rules that govern this subsector. In case any problems arise, you can seek recourse through the licensing board so do not pick just any masseuse. If you will be getting your nuru massage NYC at home rather than at a spa or parlor, get it clear about charges as a surcharge is charged apart from the cost of the massage to cover the cost of getting to and from your home.