Nuru Massage

Nuru massage which is called body sliding, is a special kind of massage performed with a gel called Nuru gel. It is an unusual type massage giving you both emotion and pleasure. You cannot believe how much sensual and feelings you will get from this massage.

What is Nuru massage?

The word ‘Nuru’ came from the japanese language which means ‘slippery’. ‘Nuru’ word was common in 1970s Japanese porn. It is also believed that the word is oriented from the seaweed used in it, which name is ‘nori’. It is a special nuru massage that presents a naked and body-on-body experience. That means, the masseuse will slide over your body which will create good feelings. She makes it with her gentle touch. The room has to be hot enough as if you feel comfortable. If the room temperature is low, the gel that would cover your body could freeze. Candle and the sweet music make the room just like paradise to comfort you fully. It makes the room atmosphere intimate and relaxed. the masseuse will rub your body with her gentle hands and body. She does it naked and nuru massages the body with her whole body which will lead your feeling too high. You can take a bath after the nuru massage. There you can promote yourself to a world where no problems exist. You can feel her body with so much relaxation and pleasure.

Nuru Gel and Nuru massage

The special kind of gel which is used in nuru massage is called the nuru gel . This gel has no equivalents. It was created from the natural component which is 100% herbal. It is made from seaweeds which is called ‘nori’. The ingredients have a relaxing effect on human body, skin and condition. At first, the gel is warmed up so that it cannot freeze on the body. Then the masseuse takes the gel and starts to nuru massage it over the client’s body with her hands and beautiful body. she makes it an cherished massage which leads to a new era of relaxing. The gel is colorless, tasteless and smooth. It does not stick to the skin. So, you will not be irritated at all.

The effects of Nuru massage on your body

Seaweed body wraps rinse and purifies the body by making it an exceptional herbal body treatment.body skin absorbs minerals of the gel that are important for restoring its quality and liveliness. these minerals help to dissolve local fatty cells and deposits and ensure fresh, soft,healthy and shiny looking skin. There is Chamomile Azulene in the gel which increases the peripheral circulation of the skin. It gives softness, flexibility and healthiness to the skin which suffers from inflammation, swelling and irritation. The applications of the gel are excellent for fat, connective tissue incapacity with water preservation, loosened dermal tissue after slimming treatment and pregnancy. It moisturizes the skin, reduces redness and defends the dry skin.

If you think about taking a sensual massage then anything cannot be better than a Nuru massage. It is most wild excitement, relaxation and highly relaxing pleasure. The masseuse are very professional and they offer their artistic movement to the clients. If you have this massage once, it is sure that you will want to take the Nuru massage again and again.